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Aesthetic Medicine is a wonderfully exciting new specialty within medicine. Its origins are found within the concepts of plastic and reconstructive surgery, minus the surgery.

Our passion and drive to deliver incredibly natural restorative and regenerative results with little to no down time and with minimal risk, has grown this specialty exponentially, with a plethora of treatment options, devices and products.

At its purest, Aesthetic Medicine serves to beautify. Why? There is youth in beauty. We do not want to make anyone 20 years younger. That would be insulting. That is to suggest the last 20 years didn’t count. It truly is a privilege to get older. We do however want to restore youthful features. For example, a youthful cheek is higher, fuller and more defined than one past our forties. A youthful brow frames the face better, opens the eyes and is inviting. Combing the two restores youth and beauty, lifting the appearance of the face, helping us to look less tired and more alert, energised and happy.

Understanding these differences between men and women, as well as the ageing process, allows us to refine, improve and develop our features, always aiming for a natural, healthy result. Quietly enhanced. When understood, features of a male and female face can be addressed in a subtle way to achieve a natural, discreet result with very little to no downtime.


The treatments we offer ((BOTOX®), fillers, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, lasers etc) are merely tools to help us achieve your goals. All new aesthetic patients receive a 40 minute consultation with our doctors. This allows us to understand your ideas, concerns and expectations. What brought you to this site? What made you pick up the phone and make a consultation? If we can understand this, then together we can make a treatment plan to address your concerns and ultimately get you to your best.

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