Eyelid Tightening

The science of tightening eyelids relies on causing controlled trauma to skin so as to stimulate collagen production and thereby improving the quality, thickness and integrity of skin. This can be achieved using Plasma BT or Microneedling. Both have their strengths and advantages. Your practitioner will discuss these with you and advise what is best for you.


Microneedling can also be used for eyelid tigthetning. It’s ideal for patients in their 20s, 30s, 40s who only have fine lines in the eyelids and are looking to ‘bank collagen’ and thereby slow down the ageing process

What is Plasma BT?
Instant eye lift blepharoplasty with Plasma BT skin tightening for excess skin in eye lids with no surgery required.

How does Plasma BT work?
It is a proven approved innovative development used in the UK since 2014 in aesthetic medicine.
This patented technology removes excess skin by a process called sublimation. The extremely accurate instrument works by creating a plasma (electric) arc which works by heating the skin and creating increased collagen formation locally.

The skin then contracts over time, restoring the tightness and tautness to the upper or lower eye area. The resultant tissue retraction and tightening (as opposed to removal) gives results that are comparable to the ones seen with invasive surgery.

This technology does not use scalpel or laser to remove excess skin, thereby avoiding all risks inherent to the traditional intervention. The treatment is performed without cutting, burning or removing excess skin or fat.

What happens post-treatment?
A typical session will last around 30 to 45 minutes, although patients are required to attend the appointment an hour prior to the actual procedure to have topical numbing cream applied to the area to be treated. Patients may experience swelling and mild discomfort in the treated area following your treatment and this may last up to three days. Crustations will resolve within 5-7 days, but can be covered with liquid foundation. We will discuss your treatment and what you can expect during your consultation.

If you are unhappy with the skin around your eyes or with baggy lower eyelids or droopy upper eyelid skin and you do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure this may be the treatment for you.

How quickly are results visible?
Most people see noticeable result after the first treatment although a course of 3 treatments a month apart is advised. Some may require more than one treatment and this is subject to your personal expectation.

Does it hurt?
We would get you to come in an hour before your treatment for local anaesthetic to be applied to the area for it to be numbed, this is to ensure that the treatment is comfortable for you.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with Plasma BT?
We would get you to come in an hour before your treatment for local anaesthetic to be applied to the area for it to be numbed, this is to ensure that the treatment is comfortable for you.

Patient had a combination treatment of both Plasma BT for upper and lower eyelids (3 sessions) as well as filler to the cheek area to help restore structure and support below the eyes.

Dr. Nestor is an artist

“Dr. Nestor is an artist. His work is excellent and he’s so skilled that I felt basically no pain and I’m really pleased with the results. The offices are lovely and the service is just totally pleasant from start to finish. I’ll be going regularly now for my top ups.”

Friendly, approachable and professional!

“My treatment today was superb. All the staff are friendly, approachable and professional. The clinic is beautifully appointed and the complementary pre treatment consultation was thorough. With a free client car park and delicious coffee, what’s not to love?
Highly recommend.”

Great from start to finish.

“Would recommend Dr Nestor to everyone. My experience was great from start to finish.
Dr Nestor explained everything thoroughly with no hard sell which really put me at ease and made the experience really pleasant.
I was especially pleased with the aftercare. Having a follow up appointment after the treatment really helped make me feel reassured. I was really pleased with the results and I will definitely be back for regular top ups. Thanks again Dr Nestor!”

1000% recommended!

“I’m a very picky person, and love to ask all possible questions, he answers everything you want to know patiently and explains perfectly giving you full confidence on what your treatment will be and will look like.. only when he’s finished it’s much better than what you expected! All I can say is he’s the best cosmetic doctor I’ve found until today, 1000% recommended!”