Mid Face
(Eyes & Cheeks)

Gone are the days of filling lines in the skin or folds of the face. Today, we contour, we lift, we restore lost volume and achieve wonderfully natural results. Quietly enhanced results.

Ageing, and therefore treatment, starts in the mid face.

Many youthful features in the mid face are slowly replaced by ageing ones. Our aim is not to make you look younger, but to restore these youthful features.

Did you know a youthful feminine brow is one where the tail is at the level or higher than the head of the brow? When we lose volume under the brow and in the temples, the tail descends. Tweaking the precise muscles and restoring volume in the right place will help lift the brow to a more youthful height.

Cheeks are perhaps one of the most feminine features on a face. A beautifully contoured cheek at the right height conveys health, beauty and hints at youth. Never over filled.

The eyes. The eyes have it. They tell many stories. Rested eyes tell the best tales. Through the years, youthful, rested eyes can convey a sadness or tiredness. Volume restoration, with or without skin tightening treatments can help freshen the gate ways to our souls.

All the pictures below demonstrate how tiredness and sadness can be softened with revolumisation (using fillers) in key areas to restore a fresher, rested, happier appearance.

Cosmetic before afterCosmetic before after

Less Tired and Saggy

  • Patient age: 60 years young
  • Plan: Volume restoration in mask area (around eyes) to improve lower lid eyebags. Botox in chin and jaw line to elongate chin
  • Treatment: 5mls of Juvederm filler into mask area. 4 areas of BOTOX(R) (crow’s feet, between brows, chin, central jaw line)
  • Result: Rested, happier appearance.

Look Less Tired

  • Patient age: 41 years young
  • Plan: Volume restoration to address fatty tissue loss. Plasma BT to help tighten eye lids
  • Treatment: 4ml of Juvederm filler in mask area. 3 sessions of plasma BT to upper and lower eyelids to induce collagen production and tighten lids.
  • Result: Rested appearance. Tighter eyelid skin. Lifted cheeks.

Look More Rested

  • Patient age: 34 years young
  • Plan: Volume restoration to address loss. Increased distance between muscle and skin in lower eyelids to lighten the darkness.
  • Treatment: 4mls of Juvederm in the mask area. (Temples, cheeks, tear trough).
  • Result: Rested appearance. Increased distance between muscle and skin, therefore less darkness coming from deep.

Look Less Tired

  • Patient age: 62 years young
  • Plan: Volume restoration in mask area (eye area)
  • Treatment: 8mls of Juvederm filler in mask area over 3 sessions
  • Result: Softened appearance of eye bags with a natural result.