Facial Rejuvenation

Gone are the days of filling lines in the skin or folds of the face. Today, we contour, we lift, we restore lost volume and achieve wonderfully natural results.
Quietly enhanced results.

In the last decade Aesthetic Medicine has matured from a primitive field of medicine where we chased creases and folds to a mature specialty that understands the ageing process and has in it’s armoury technology to resurface damaged skin, revolumise depleted pockets of fat and restore youthful features.

Broadly speaking, the face has 5 layers. Skin, fat, muscle, fat and bone. Each of these layers will start to age at different time points. Skin activity begins to slow dramatically from the age of 25 years. We no longer produce the volumes of collagen (skin’s building blocks which keeps skin firm, thick and tight), hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural sponge which keeps our skin hydrated) and several other factors the way we used to. Our skin is therefore in a deficit. It is dryer and thinner then it has ever been with every passing day. Fold dry skin and creases begin to set.

The second and fourth layers are the fatty tissue layers. We have approximately 24 fat pads in the face. Facial fat behaves differently to body fat. Once lost, we don’t put it back the same as before. Think of these fat pads as a bunch of helium filled balloons with a thin sheet over them. As the balloons begin to deflate, the sheet begins to fall. The same process happens in the face. In our early, more mid 30’s we start to lose the volume in the cheek area, which leads to skin falling centrally and down. This leads to deepening of our naso-labial folds (smile lines). You can now imagine as more is lost and from different areas, skin is unsupported, and therefore further falls forward, leading to sagging and contributing to the formation of marionette lines and jowls.

Concept of Ageing

This concept of ageing anatomy and identification of these fat pads were a complete game changer. We realised that by restoring lost volume, in a very specific way and location, we could start to lift skin. We can now restore cheek height to its former glory and position. We can re-define a jawline, bringing back its natural contours, softening jowls. Importantly for a woman’s face we can restore the natural feminine V-shape to her face which is lost as volume sets lower. For men, we can put back the sharp angles that give a more chiselled cheek and chin.

We understand facial proportions better than we ever had. For example, we know that a woman’s chin should be the width of her nose, where as a masculine chin is the width of his mouth. A women’s ‘point of beauty’ is the location on her cheek which should project maximally from her face so that light reflects beautifully from it, giving the face youth, height, beauty.

By combining our understanding of ageing anatomy, our appreciation and study of art & beauty, we have reached an incredible era in Aesthetic Medicine.


The list is endless…

  • Plasma Devices
  • Skin Care
  • Needling
  • Radio Frequency

These treatments are all just tools to achieve something wonderful for you. The treatment that is right for you is the one that adds value to you, and betters what is holding you back from looking incredible for your years.

The first step to treatment is a thorough consultation. From there, we can figure out what bothers you and we can advise whether treatment is appropriate or not and how to best address it. The aim is to age well. Our doctors will listen to your concerns, carefully study your face and advise what is appropriate for you.