Woman’s Health

A woman’s health is her total well-being, mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally.

What makes a woman healthy and youthful (not necessarily younger)?
It’s not about looking ‘twenty years younger’. It’s about looking and feeling exceptional for your age.
Naturally, wonderfully, you!

Aesthetic Medicine & Women’s Health is the study of facial and body, beauty and health, in as much as understanding the psychology of our perception of health and how to achieve this.

A woman’s sense of well being can be tested daily. There are many factors both intrinsic and extrinsic that can have a big impact, both positively and negatively on our health and confidence. These include lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, partners, children and our changing bodies.

We do our best to stay active, eat well, and develop our sense of self and self-worth.

Despite our greatest efforts, to better ourselves and improve, we are all subject to biology, to the ageing changes that occur to our bodies as we go through the years, and the affect this has on us psychologically and hormonally.

Understanding the ageing process allows us to refine, improve and develop our features, delivering natural results, as well as identifying the changes in a woman’s life, body and sexual health, all of which can impact on her mood and self-esteem.

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Maximising your beautiful potential

Skin Health

Without healthy skin, we simply cannot look our best

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Intimate Health

What makes a woman healthy and youthful?

Menopause Health

Controlling your health & regaining your confidence

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Womans Health FAQ’s

On the day of the treatment, we will have a detailed conversation about what concerns you and what you would like addressed; whether this be a few lines and wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, skin health, fuller lips, or even non-surgical body contouring. I strongly believe that treatments should be tailored to individual need and should always result in a naturally younger you.

Consultations with myself are open and honest, with no obligation. We will discuss your concerns and expectations. Based on these, together we will build a treatment plan tailored to you, whether it be non-surgical or surgical, revolving around your goals and financial budget.

Consultations are specific to your needs and will take as long as you require to be happy with all that has been discussed.

Depending on which treatment has been agreed on, time varies from 15 minutes to an hour. More advanced procedures can take a bit longer.

Some treatments are completely pain free, other carry some level of discomfort. Every effort is made to make any treatment as comfortable for you as possible.