Men’s Health

Terms like ‘metro-sexual’ or ‘uber-sexual’ have been thrown about. At the end of the day, we want to look good and take pride in our appearance.

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Men are often deterred from treatments such as BOTOX(R) , fillers or skin care as they are seen as ‘cosmetic’ or vain. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our aim should always be to look like us, but a healthier, more chiselled version.

Men’s faces age differently to our female counterparts and our treatments should reflect this. Lines ingrained in our foreheads and around the eyes can be distinguishing, however, softened give us a less tired appearance. This can be achieved with BOTOX. Volume loss from our cheeks can make us look gaunt and unhealthy. Naturally filling this deficit can give a more healthy, chiselled appearance.

Aesthetic treatments do not solely revolve around BOTOX (R) and dermal fillers, they revolve around you and your concerns. Dr Nestor is an experienced Aesthetic Doctor trained in all key areas of Aesthetic Medicine, including facial rejuvenation, skin health, body contouring and hair restoration surgery.

Ageing Well

Feel youthful for longer


Maximising your potential

Skin Health

Without healthy skin, we simply cannot look our best

Hair Health

For shinier, healthier-looking hair

Skin Health

Skin health is perhaps the most important step to a healthier complexion and a rested look. Skin care isn’t just for women. As men, we want a simple yet effective skin care regime using clinically proven treatments.

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Apply Gel

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Apply Sunscreen

Unsightly scars from acne or otherwise can make our faces look harsher than we intend. These can be resolved with laser treatments, which causes controlled trauma to the area to stimulate the body’s own repair cycle.

Hair Health

Hair Restoration: the most popular searched term for aesthetic treatments by men, for good reason. A receding hair line, or thinning crown, is very much tied into our confidence and manliness, despite the cause of male pattern baldness having a direct link to increased levels of testosterone.

Tailored Treatment

At your consultation, Dr Nestor will discuss your concerns and your expectations and will formulate a tailored treatment to you, whether it be lines and wrinkles, hair transplantation, scars, gym resistant ‘love handles’ or an overall ‘manly overhaul’. Consultations are honest, and under no obligation.

Mens Health FAQ’s

On the day of the treatment, we will have a detailed conversation about what concerns you and what you would like addressed; whether this be a few lines and wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, skin health, fuller lips, or even non-surgical body contouring. I strongly believe that treatments should be tailored to individual need and should always result in a naturally younger you.

Consultations with myself are open and honest, with no obligation. We will discuss your concerns and expectations. Based on these, together we will build a treatment plan tailored to you, whether it be non-surgical or surgical, revolving around your goals and financial budget.

Consultations are specific to your needs and will take as long as you require to be happy with all that has been discussed.

Depending on which treatment has been agreed on, time varies from 15 minutes to an hour. More advanced procedures can take a bit longer.

Some treatments are completely pain free, other carry some level of discomfort. Every effort is made to make any treatment as comfortable for you as possible.