Lips should be supple, full, playful, and above all, natural. Never, ever done.

Lips should always be in proportion. Our top lip should be smaller than our bottom lip. From our profile view we should see a wonderful ‘ski slope’ of the upper lip, not an un-natural shelf appearance. Lips should adhere to the proportions and ratios of beauty. Dr Nestor carefully assesses not only your lips, but entire face and advises what would be best for you. He meticulously plans his treatment before beginning so as to get it right the first time.

Enhanced lips should move naturally and feel indistinguishable from untreated lips. For this reason Dr Nestor uses some of the best fillers available. Juvederm fillers have a great safety and efficacy profile and offer a natural feel and look wherever used. Dr Nestor will always decline treating a patient if he does not feel it is possible to enhance the lips in a natural way.

Below are some examples of Dr Nestor’s work using fillers.