Spa spy Glow for it

Jun 6, 2019

For a tech route to smoother skin, blast your pores with a laser facial peel.

The treatment
The Q-Switch Carbon Laser Facial Peel at Dr Nestor’s Medical and Cosmetic Centre, Edinburgh
a single treatment starts from £120, a course of three from £340.
Why go?
As a quick fix for dull skin, open pores or fine lines, this therapy takes just 20 minutes or thereabouts. It’s also noninvasive with no downtime required.
That may be why, according to them, it’s a favourite of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.
Our spy says
Today, I will be seeing head skin therapist, Helen, who comes to collect me in her scrubs. I’ve filled out the (huge) consultation form, and am raring to go. Well, kind of. I’ve had laser before, in the form of hair removal treatments, and it was a bit stingy.
“This isn’t nearly as bad,” says Helen, as she slips on her pink disposable gloves, and I’m semireassured. According to her, the thing that made practice owner Dr Nestor flinch in the Instagram video I had a squizz at, before heading along here, was the sound of the laser, as it makes a loud crack, rather than any pain.
Next, I’m onto the dentist-style chair, where she whips off my makeup
(leaving my eyes alone) using astringent smelling pads. Sticky eye pads are placed over my peepers, to protect them from the light. Then the black carbon paste is smoothed across my skin. Helen begins by blasting one side of my face with the laser, which makes a popping sound, neutralises the carbon (which vanishes!) and fills the air with a smell like the Wicked Witch of the West. Sensation-wise, it feels a bit like someone flicking my skin, and is a little stingy on my nose, but that makes me want to sneeze more than squirm.
After she’s done the other side, she switches off the laser and removes the eye pads. I’m almost certain that I now look like I’m wearing a pair of comedy specs, thanks to the remaining carbon. These, and the remainder of the sooty residue, are wiped off. Finally, I’m anointed with all sorts of fancy potions. There’s something that contains growth hormones, one with an SPF, and a primer to tone down any pink splotches.
The results
My skin feels vaguely tight the next day but, apart from that, there’s no irritation and I’m glowing, if I say so myself. Also, my gunky pores are cleaner looking. Helen had warned me that any brown patches on my skin might look briefly more pigmented, but I don’t notice anything different in that department.
If you want more intense results, they recommended a course of three or more.