How to achieve the perfect pout

Mar 12, 2020

Plump lips that are full and kissable are the dreams of every beauty conscious female, but just how do you achieve the perfect pout?

Healthy lips

An Instagram-worthy pout won’t be achievable if you don’t take good care of your lips. The first step to creating the perfect pout is to make sure your lips are healthy and in tip-top condition. The lips are often a neglected part of a skincare routine, but they deserve as much attention as the rest of your face and body.

Lips have a tendency to become dry and cracked, particularly in winter, but this doesn’t bode well if you want to make them the centre of attention.

Get into the habit of exfoliating your lips to remove the dry skin cells. You can use a light exfoliating brush, or use a suitable lip scrub. The ZO Skin Health exfoliating polish is great for this.

Once you’ve banished the dry skin from your lips, you need to keep them topped up with moisture. This doesn’t mean licking them frequently, as this will only dry them out more; but it involves exfoliating regularly, applying SPF and occasionally using lip balm/vaseline.

Clever make-up tricks

Once your lips are looking in good shape, you can make them appear fuller by learning some clever make-up tricks and tips. The key to this is using a sharpened lip liner to over line slightly the natural shape of your lips, without extending too far into the corners. Apply a lipstick to fill up the line you’ve created, and finish with a clear or shimmery lip gloss applied to just the centre of the lower lip.

Many people assume you need to opt for the brightest colour to perfect a fuller pout. But, actually, in some cases, this can make your lips look thinner. Beauty experts reckon that lighter tones can actually make your lips appear larger.

Lip fillers

Of course, an easier option to achieve the perfect pout is to consider getting lip fillers from an authorised and reputable cosmetic clinic that comes with good reviews and recommendations. Speak to the clinic to find out what is involved and what you can expect from the procedure.