The Shape of Things to Come

Dec 18, 2020 | News Posts

Body sculpting procedures — nonsurgical treatments that melt away fat, tone or build muscle while you relax — are soaring in popularity. In fact, they are one of the fastest growing treatments in the world, and this year alone despite of COVID the non-invasive body shaping market has grown more than 16%*.

State of the Art Medical Innovation
It was always important to me to bring a non-surgical body sculpting solution to the clinic, however I wanted to take a holistic approach and offer a treatment with both aesthetic and health results. So when I heard about the state-of-the-art medical innovation truBody by Cutera, a clinically proven muscle building, strengthening and sculpting solution, I knew it was right for us.

Remarkable Medical Benefits
TruBody is a sculpting treatment for buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs and calves – with one 45 minute session equating to 54,000 sit ups. And then there are the remarkable medical benefits. Strengthening and building muscle, it works to prevent muscle atrophy, re-educate muscle function and increase a range of motion. It’s ideal for improving strength after surgery, chronic illness or injury and can even help to reduce some forms of chronic back pain too. The technology of TruBody by Cutera is unparalleled, the safety and efficacy backed up by clinic evidence.
Impressive Aesthetic Results
The aesthetic results are really impressive too and it’s down to the technology. This complete body shaping technology pairs body sculpting and muscle sculpting to remove unwanted fat, build muscle and tighten skin, combining powerful monopolar radio-frequency to treat fat layers with targeted muscle stimulation to strengthen, firm and tone. Treatment is completed in as little as two weeks,
with no pain or downtime.

This treatment is designed to enhance rather than disrupt the workout industry, especially in the current climate where your strength and immunity have never been more important.
TruBody packages starts at £1750.
*Figure from the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine.