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Dr Rosy on The Art of Healthy Living

Our women's health doctor, Dr Rosy Fazzi, shares her advice for managing the menopause with female health website, The Art of Healthy Living. Read the full post here.

Dr Rosy on Kate On Thin Ice

Dr Rosy shares her tips for managing menopause symptoms with menopause blogger, Kate On Thin Ice. Read the full post here.

Dr Rosy on In A Bun Dance

Our women's health specialist, Dr Rosy Fazzi, shared her top tips for managing symptoms of the menopause during the festive season with women's wellbeing blogger In A Bun Dance. Read the full post here.

Dr Nestor on BBC3

Dr Nestor shared his expertise on men's aesthetic trends with the team at BBC3 online, to create this feature forecasting the next big trends. Read more here.

Dr Nestor on Fashion Beans

Dr Nestor appears on leading men's webzine Fashion Beans to discuss long-term anti-ageing plans. Read more here.

Dr Nestor on the Mail Online

Dr Nestor shares his insight into how hair extensions can cause traction alopecia with the Mail Online. Read more here.

Dr Nestor on the Mail Online

Dr Nestor sat down with FEMAIL to discuss those signs of ageing you never knew to expect, and how to beat them, in this fantastic feature published on the Mail Online. Read more here.

Dr Nestor in The Evening Times

As a passionate healthcare practitioner and a member of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Dr Nestor is renowned as the sensible voice of ethical aesthetics across the country. In the Evening Times this week, he shared his thoughts on the latest spread of fraudulent...

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From receptionist to medical director, every staff member is trained to an exceptional standard with you in mind.
We aim to deliver the best care and experience from start to finish. This is why we are a multi-award winning team.
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Just because #StormDennis is blowing a gale outside, doesn't mean that you should be skipping on the SPF! A high-factor sun protection cream is essential every day, to protect the skin from the elements and shield the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and keep it looking its best for as long as possible. We use ZO Skin Health UK sunscreen in-clinic and recommend it to our patients to effectively protect and care for the skin, every day of the year. ...

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If you want kissable lips ahead of Valentine's Day, remember that dermal lip fillers should be used to help you create a better, but not necessarily bigger, pout.

Lips should be in perfect proportion to your face shape and features, never too big or oversized for your face.

Dr Nestor takes into account your facial proportions and uses lip filler sparingly, to quietly enhance your pout and give you a natural-effect, beautiful look.

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