Every country will perceive beauty in different ways. This is very much dependent upon the culture and traditions of that country and this can influence the use of skincare regimes and procedures, such as lip fillers. Below we compare Western and Asian beauty standards. We will look at specific areas of the face, how they differ and what enhancements can be made.

Bone structure

Let us start with the bone structure. Many Asian girls are blessed with high, pronounced cheekbones and wide, strong jaws. High, proud cheeks are a common denominator amongst most cultures, however, a strong, wide jaw is not. Many therefore choose to slim the face using BOTOX(R) in the masseters (jaw muscles). Many also want to enhance their chin and nose (as they naturally have a broader, smaller nose). Often this can be treated in a non-surgical way using fillers, however, for more permanent results surgery is an option. There seems to be more of a desire to change their faces rather than to enhance or concentrate on ageing well, with young adults in their early twenties opting for surgery.

It’s all in the eyes

There are huge differences in how Asian women and Western women perceive eye beauty. In the Asian world, eye beauty is perceived as having large and understated eyes, which is why they use very little makeup. In direct contrast, Western women prefer the eyes to dominate the face and for them to appear deep and dark, hence the demand for eyeliner and eye shadow. It’s also why many women opt for permanent eye makeup.

Luscious lips

There are very different views regarding lip beauty in the Western and Asian worlds. Asian women like their lips to be small, thin and painted. It is all about delicate lips. The opposite is true in the Western world as women prefer full and plump lips to enhance their femininity. This is why many women opt for lip fillers to enhance their lips’ natural beauty.

Skin tone and appearance

The approach to skincare differs greatly between Asia and the Western world. Asian women like their skin to appear smooth, unblemished and pale with a doll-like quality. In the west, women to aim for an even-toned complexion, however, they also love a tan, thereby damaging their skin with sunbeds or sunny holidays.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery such as lip fillers or a non-surgical facial enhancement and are unsure about what is involved, then simply get in touch with us today to learn more about what we do.